Welcome to Arizona Sexual Assault Network

Welcome to the Arizona sexual assault network.

What to do in the event of a sexual assault?

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault them you must contact the authorities and report the matter. Sexual assault is a criminal offence and the matter should be investigated by the police.

Sexual health considerations

Other matters that you may wish to consider after a sexual assault is your sexual health. It is advisable to attend a hospital for some basic sexual health check. If you are unable to attend a hospital then you can access online sexual health checks from certain reputable healthcare providers.

This website is designed to ensure that you know where to go if you have been the victim of a sexual assault. There are counsellors on hand to advise you at every turn.

Here are some helpful questions and answers.

Questions & Answers

How do I know it was assault?
Any sexual behaviour committed to a person without their consent is considered a sexual assault crime.  By Arizona law a person must be 16 years old to consent to sex with another minor. Anyone over the age of 18 who has sex with a minor (anyone under 18 years old) is at risk of prosecution.  Sexual assault includes rape, non-consensual sodomy or oral sex, unwanted kissing or fondling, or attempts to commit these acts. Sexual assault is characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority. It does not matter if you are unable to offer physical resistance, consent is not given if a person uses force, a threat of force, coercion or when someone is asleep, incapacitated or unconscious.

Some definitions...

Sexual Assault: a spectrum of sexual violence that includes any sexual contact or activity without consent.

Coercion: any form of pressure employed to overcome one’s ability to freely give one’s consent. Example: Maggy was told by  her boyfriend that if she did not have sex with him that he would make her and her children move out of their home.

Consent: a clearly and freely given word or overt action confirming a willing desire towards and limited to a specific sexual request or experience. Consent can not be provided by minors, or any individual who is mentally impaired, including impairment by intoxication through drugs or alcohol. It is an affirmative response not a lack of response.

Sexual Harassment: any unwanted attention or advances regarding sexual gratification, favors or other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature.

Rape: any penetration (vaginal, anal, oral) with anything (penis, fingers, objects) done without consent.

Child Sexual Abuse: the dominant position of an adult used to force or coerce a child into sexual activity that may include: fondling, oral-genital contact,  penetration, and non-contact abuse such as exposure, voyeurism and child pornography.

Intra Familial Sexual Abuse: form of sexual abuse that involves a child who is involved or exposed to sexual behaviors or activities by someone in the family or someone close to the family.

Sexual Exploitation: sexual abuse of a person through the exchange of sex or sexual acts for food, shelter, protection, other basic necessities of life, and/or money.