Chlamydia Scare Story

Chlamydia to be one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) on the go today and one plucky Texan school principal has used this knowledge to send a ripple of fear throughout high schools all over the state thanks to the blatant lies he is telling regarding a chlamydia outbreak in his own school. Not surprisingly, this particular school runs a three-day sexual health course for their students that is based on abstinence-only teachings.

Sources say that they spoke to the principal himself, Rummage, and maintain that as a result, there was no room for inflating the facts. It was confirmed for them that 20 students out of 300 had been infected when in fact only 3 students had. Articles also cited the CDC as calling it a chlamydia epidemic. It turns out, a large number of students had taken a chlamydia test and Rummage himself had jumped the gun and invented a potential outcome; this outcome being of epidemic proportions.

Despite this, Texas is known to report high rates of chlamydia, much more so than other States in the US. This doesn’t give schools the right to play with such information and risk the reputation of its students under false circumstances. This is what the school principal in this situation calls being, ‘proactive’. Furthermore, the reason that Texan chlamydia rates are higher might have to do with the multitude of other schools across the state that also practice the abstinence-only teachings. It’s not rocket science to work this out and we don’t need a phantom epidemic to tell us that what’s happening is frightening.

Not giving students access to all of the facts and all of the information about their sexual health should be an offense. Depriving growing young adults of a basic but necessary education is simply negligent. Seemingly, Texas has spent 156 million dollars on abstinence-only programs since 2003 and yet the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) report that 43% of high school girls and 49% of the boys in this state are engaging in sexual intercourse. Something drastic needs to be done about the poor state of sexual education in this state and anywhere such programs are run. We should at least be aware that the programs in question don’t actually work and that teens really need guidance about how to avail of chlamydia tests, information and all of the common STIs and just how dangerous they can be if left untreated.

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